Portable Production Tool

iPad tool for collaborative TV production



The Portable Production Tool is an iPad app written for the BBC's Research and Development department. The brief was to create a simple but powerful in-house production tool for BBC's production teams, giving them online access to high quality rushes and tools for reviewing, logging, simple editing and sharing.

Rushes are automatically synchronised and downloaded as high quality H264, giving users access to frame accurate, time-coded video wherever they are. A rich gestural interface for jogging, scrolling and search make browsing rushes simple and intuitive.


  • iOS
  • XSLT
  • The PPT has a innovative workspace with can be used to sort and collate clips and do simple drag and drop editing without a timeline. These workspaces can be private or shared with others for team collaboration. The sophisticated AAF based internal data model makes possible integration with broadcast editing and media management systems.

    This project also involved extensive involvement in the planning and designing of the next generation of media storage and RESTful media access API's within BBC R&D

    BBC R&D Annual review 2011

    Wired interview