Earth Rover

Autonomous Farming with robots



Earth Rover is a UK start-up aiming to provide the first robotic agriculture system that is genuinely viable for farmers. We are driven by the need to bridge the gap between today's farming methods and the autonomous farm of the future. We call our approach the "pragmatic transition": combining best-in-class technologies with existing equipment to deliver working applications - such as scouting, weeding and selective harvesting - that help farmers improve productivity. Earth Rover Website


  • ROS
  • Python
  • Firebase
  • C++
  • Docker
  • I was a co-founder and CTO Earth Rover for its first year of life, leading a small team of hardware and software technologists. Working in collaboration with Pollybell Farms, Harper Adams University and the RAL Space Autonomous Systems Group, we created prototypes for a new generation of autonomous robotic farm machinery.

    We developed 3D computer vision systems for monitoring plant health and growth, ROS navigation and control systems using highly accurate RTK GPS, a cloud platform for managing and controlling fleets of robots and gathering data from farms, and efficient remote management systems for deployment and updating of Robot's software.

    Much of Earth Rover's work is Open Source and can be found on its github page