Mouse Organ

Drawing tools for creating massive non repeating patterns

Consultant - Simon Schofield


Mouse Organ is application commissioned by the artist Simon Schofield. The brief was for a framework within which Simon could use his own programming skills to create algorithmic, iterative digital artworks. Simon's complex and beautiful work has been highly acclaimed and is being exhibited internationally. Mouse Organ II is cross platform, uses embedded Lua as a scripting interface for authoring, has advanced image memory management, tiled rendering and resolution independent drawing. It can create images of almost unlimited size and complexity.


  • C++
  • Lua
  • wxWidgets
  • Mouse Organs II' s first project is a commission for the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield called Kipple Pond. A single image 18m x 4m

    The development of Mouse Organ was part funded by NESTA. I was a NESTA mentor providing technology consultancy and software development.

    Mouse Organ is named as a homage to the great Oliver Postgate.