IoT Desk

Internet of Things for the workplace

Consultant - Arup


We're working with Arup to develop embedded sensors and intelligence in the office environment, cloud systems to analyse and interpret collected data and rich intuitive physical interfaces to improve workplace interactions.

This ongoing project builds on our work at Opendesk and with Architecture00 in Japan.


  • Python
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Docker
  • MQTT
  • InfluxDB
  • The IoT desk aims to be the only affordable workspace insight solution which provides an open adaptable desk design, using open source software and respecting the data sovereignty of its users.

    In a world with increasingly fast paced technological and digital innovation, we believe that an open approach is critical to future proof our client investments in products and services to optimise use of office space.

    Circular Economy principles are at the heart of our approach to developing the IoT desk product. Shaping our physical and digital design as well as our end to end delivery model.

    The physical designs and source code are open source and are available on the arupiot github