Distributed manufacturing of CNC furniture

Senior Developer


Opendesk are a pioneering Open Making furniture company, connecting designers and makers to create a global distributed manufacturing network.

Opendesk's CNC cut plywood furniture graces offices at Google, Greenpeace and many other large and small innovative companies, attracted by Opendesk's award winning designs and commitment to sustainable, local manufacturing.


  • Python
  • JSON Schema
  • Opendesk are innovators both in manufacturing business models and manufacturing technology. As Senior Developer there I developed winnow, a json interchange format for publishing families of configurable products.

    As well as a set of json schemata for defining parametric variability winnow provides selection and filtering functions using json schema, json path and json references. Winnow can be used throughout the production pipeline, for designers describing the parametric variability within their designs, by sales platforms dynamically generating interfaces for product selection, to match customer requirements with production capabilities and to generate detailed manufacturing specs for makers.

    Winnow is open source and can be found on the opendesk github